your angel

she looks down at you and sighs
she looks down with silver eyes,
golden hair and gown of white,
she flies away and out of sight.

she's your angel, meant to hear your prayers
if it please her, she'll turn an ear to you,
and then she’ll tell you she don't know what you should do.

she might be sad and cry like you,
and tell you she needs saving too.

when the hour is dark, she should be your light,
but she says shining brings her down.
'sometimes,' she says, 'sometimes you don't know you're lost
til you've been found.'

now everything you've ever known,
every seed you've ever sown,
feels just like a compromise,
feels just like a prayer that's died

cause your angel never seems to come
when you call, she's always fallen too
or perched up on a cloud, too busy to talk to you.

these times you laugh just as you cry
and leave your angel to her sky.