the trying

it was far beyond over before we started any of whatever this is.
still, i'll remember every tender drop i drew out of your lips.
you can't get something from nothing, so i know at least there's one thing
between us, not just these sheets, oh i know,

how the answer loves to come to you just when you've forgotten what you asked
like these words that come on sailing through right now after the moment has passed.
but now what's done is done, and you don't need anyone
to disagree with you when you say

that you just want to swallow all that pain
you don't wanna remember the crying
don't wanna remember the sighing
you don't wanna remember the trying, but i do.

and the aching over yonder separated, then got stronger than i am.
and i'd still like to spend each moment wrapped in the warm shelter of your hands.
but your voice over the phone has faded, and your tongue is overrated
you can sing goodbye but you sure can not say it

like you won't speak to half the things you feel,
you won't talk about the crying,
won't talk about the sighing,
you won't talk about the trying,

oh, so sing me one more, sweet into the night.
sing about the crying,
sing about the sighing,
sing about the trying once for me.