noah will be setting sail sometime late next week
i know he's going toward something not just running from me
i say, "this will be so good for you, you know you'll get there,
i believe in you, and that's the truth as i see it today,
and i'll miss you, but i'll send you on your way."

noah says, "i think that's really funny as hell
how you have so much faith in me, yet so little in yourself."
i say, ":if you knew me, you could lean on me while you make your own foundation
but you see, you've got to leave, i know i can't hold you
even if i told you what you mean to me."

noah, i wish i were closer to you.

noah, i wish you'd never touched my face that way.
it'd make it so much easier to smile as i watch you sail away.
he says, "if i can survive the walk looking back down your front stairs
i can survive anywhere at all and even if i fall
apart tomorrow i won't feel any sorrow cause of you."

noah, i wish i were over you, too.

but noah, i just wish i were closer to you.