Silent sighs slip out and softly surround me,
Sustaining some subtlety spoken so seamlessly
True to the touch, to the teeth, to the taste
Of the tangible time that was taken to trace
Your face, fallen far from the fast-fading stars,
Struck staggering, still struggling, to see where you are

But you won't close your eyes
You're afraid you won't find
Your way back to your home
Unless you keep it in sight,
Close your eyes, close your eyes, close your eyes

Never needed a name for the near-naked knowing
Gnawing now at your neck as the night sky is closing,
Couldn't cry, couldn't care, couldn't conjure coherence,
Can't cleave, climbing out of the cavernous, careless
Hole in your hard heart, helplessly heaving,
Breaking and bleeding, but just barely beating

Cause you won't close your eyes,
Just take some sleep,
You won't find your way home
If you're too tired to see,
I promise to wake you
At the first sign of light,
Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight...