first things first

for starters, yeah, i always knew that you were not the one.
but that may not mean anything when all is said and done.
it's not all sighs and sweetness, and in fact, it's just a shame,
the way you make me smile when you say, "baby, maybe you
could be someone i could fight,
someone that i could keep out of sight."
with you, i never really know if i am blessed or cursed,
and i know your gonna break up my heart,
but first things first.

with you i bought into the song of solomon and all
it feels like now is something written on the bathroom wall,
but that won't stop me, come on use me, i can use you back.
you make me close my eyes when i'm not tired, wrong is wrong,
but i know right's not always right.
i'd prefer it if you wouldn't look me in the eye.
and you can burn me up if you promise it won't hurt
and i know you're gonna leave me scarred,
but first things first.

will you miss me when i'm gone, and do i really care?
we're forgetting that we're letting ourselves go and it's not fair, it's not fair.

so now you've got me thinking about one too many things.
and the dripping sky won't tell me why or what tomorrow brings.
my heart, it hurts already, yeah, but i can live for now,
for the moment, i can own it, singing, come on, tell me how
it's over before it even starts
and all that we can do is smile and think on the sweet parts.
what you want is what you got and all that you deserve,
and i don't wanna look too far,
cause i know you're gonna leave me scarred,
and i know you're gonna break up my heart,
but first things first.