Another Light

4 white walls and no fresh air,
Your lips come whispering through the despair,
They say, " I've just been driving, I'm not sure where to,
But I saw a shooting star last night and thought of you."

I look through the window, or is it the TV?
Rows of big old houses stretch as far as I can see.
Do they think of us up here, trapped inside these walls,
Or do they turn the station not to think of us at all?

But you are one of the free,
"An illusion," you say,
Something I'll understand at
Another time, in another place.

The world seems just as ill as I,
War and rain, the clouds they came reflecting in the sky,
Still looking out the window, though they let me home again.
And I just sit here staring, hoping that the rain will end.

Now I am one of the free
In this illusion of a day
Maybe I'll find another light,
Another time, another place.

But I think that I might drown
If you don't lift me up,
And I'll never live this down,
So won't you help me live it up?

Now we are the free
If only for tonight
Maybe once a new day dawns
We'll find another light
To look to,
Like I've found that light in you.