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Monday, June 19, 2006
it's HOT. and since it's New England, it's humid too. we've had the totally gross kind of days when you step out of the shower and feel like it was cooler IN the shower, and you feel dirty again after about 5 minutes. people with no air conditioning become exceedingly cranky. people who don't believe in deodorant become blatantly obvious. in a word: YUCK.

i'll admit to having lingered in the post office today longer than was probably necessary, because it was nice and chilly in there. it reminded me of the episode of married, with children where the Bundys move in to the supermarket. i noted that the post office lobby is open 24 hours, and wondered how many stamps i'd have to buy in order to stay there all night. more than i'd ever use, i guessed.

in other news, my muse isn't as much on strike as she is wigging out, dumping these half-songs on me over and over again. i'm tempted to do a chorus of "la las"on a certain song, just cause i'm so excited by the rest of it. i read this interview with Paul Simon once where he said he'd always meant to write words to the famous "lie la lie" chorus, but it somehow just ended up fitting. perhaps i could get that lucky.

last wednesday at open mic, as we were doing sound check, the lights went out. And in true New England fashion, the thunderstorm had taken out the power. we filed all of the patrons into the cafe, which was still getting some light from outside. we had open mic right there in the cafe. not one person left, even though we couldn't serve drinks or food, let alone use the sound system, and then had to share one flashlight to use for the bathrooms. it was a tight squeeze, all of that music in a dark little room, but it fit, and was one of my favorite open mics ever. everyone seemed to be a little extra nervous, but in those nerves, we saw into each other just a little. and now we are all in love and BEST FRIENDS. (well, i guess i wouldn't go quite that far, but it was cool.)

so i'm trying to jump into the millenium and get my music up on myspace... it doesn't want to let me upload my songs because they're not mp3s, they're m4as... does anyone know a relatively simple way to change that? please? i am so technologically challenged... anyways, let me know.

iTunes will convert the files for you. If you highlight the file(s) you want, control click on the file(s) and there's an option that says "convert selection to mp3".
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