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Thursday, September 08, 2005

i'm decompressing now, apparently. or, at the very least, i'm trying to do so. you see, i'm watching a program on A&E about exorcism, and i figured it would be scary, as i like scary movies and such. but the show really just showcases a bunch of religious crazies that are scarily persuasive. i actually contemplated whether or not i might be, at this moment, possessed by satan or any other demons. low, rough voice? extreme aversion to religious symbols? hm...

and there's definitely a little piece of lucifer living in my left lung. official word came down, for the second time now, that i am most definitely sick again. i know, i know, dammit. the "experts" at dana farber finally came to the same conclusion that my local doctor came to about 5 months ago. but anyways, plans have yet to be ironed out. there will be more treatment of the sort that is in fact, not a treat at all. i will keep you all posted, i promise.

but there's HAPPY news, as well! i will be sharing the stage on thursday, september 22, at PACE ( with the fantabulous teresa storch and stephanie marshall! tickets are only 5 bucks in advance and 7 at the door, AND that night will be a FABULOUS celebration of my 27th birthday! so BE THERE or have a really wonderful excuse!

that's one of the blessings that i've been counting recently. music, friends, family, assorted fantastic craziness... so i guess it's not quite possible that i'm possessed by the devil. or i guess you could call that deliverance.
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