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Monday, August 01, 2005
so the infamous computer crash/ broken toe skirmish of 2005 is officially ended, as the left big toe is completely healed, and once again, i am sitting in woodstar cafe, blissfully typing away on my brand new ibook. if i was better dressed, and possessed a constant voice-over, i would be carrie bradshaw. things, on that end, are finally back to normal.

and in other news, i started a business blog, my professional hair musings, which can be found directly to your right, under Andrea's Color Revolution. if you are not interested in hair musings, 1- try it, you might like it, and 2- get a haircut, you friggin hippie.

on the medical end, i brought up an interesting point to my physician that he hadn't thought of- why not give me some medication first, before risking my life in surgery? "hm..." he replied, "i hadn't thought of that. i suppose we could try that first." what a jackass.

i miss falcon ridge, beautiful long hill farm, and all of my astoundingly amazing friends from all over the world. i am quite aware that on nearly every post i promise to write more often, and most times i make good on that. really, i do. so here goes: i promise to write more often. and now that i got my new computer, it will make it much easier.

also, i turned the "comments" feature on. i think. so give it a try.

Ooh, am I really your first comment? I feel so special! I miss you too! (btw, I've linked my knitting blog if you want to check it out.)
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