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Saturday, July 02, 2005
so first things first, i have another wonderful niece, as of july 1- Rose Emily Coller. i haven't gotten to meet her yet, but hear that she is very peaceful and gorgeous and perfect. just as i suspected.

so i still don't know a thing, medically, except that my confidence in the medical community has dwindled to less than zero. they seem completely clueless, and beyond that, are ridiculously rude and inconsiderate of their patients, viewing them as nothing more than science experiments. lab rats, we are. i have yet another scan on wednesday, then i am seen by the surgeon on the following thursday. i am SO over this damned experience...

the infamous toe is doing much better, thank you, but the overcompensation when walking has caused my ankle to sprain, which is way more painful then the toe ever was, plus, i must lean on my trick knee in order to stand up properly. all that, plus working six long days on my feet this week equals a very large ankle, and a very tired andrea.

but i have written two new songs recently, so something, at least, has been accomplished. the first, "light in boston," is called so because "leaving las vegas" was already taken, and "something blue" is the bitter single person's homage to wedding season. come by pace's open mic to hear them.

oh, and the computer situation... a wonderful friend is getting me a crazy deal on a new fully-loaded ibook. i'm supposed to get garageband on it, and if i do, i will be running off copies of all unrecorded songs that don't suck. so get ready, kittens!

less than 3 weeks til falcon ridge. aw, hell yeah...
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