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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
well, folks, i was a witness to northampton history today. i walked out of the haymarket's back door with my iced coffee (the best in the world), and saw that a tow truck was blocking crackerbarrel alley. yes, they towed that brown car that has sat there for as long as i can remember. i didn't know if the owner or the city ended up towing it. we'll have to stay tuned to the local news to figure out what happened. but i said a little prayer for that little brown car, and went on my way. don't laugh, you out-of-towners- this is what it's like to be a noho townie. these are the things that we care about.

so let me break the news about me. it's bad, but i'll be fine. i'm going to see my pals at dana farber on thursday to see what their plan is for me. and then, this time, i'm gonna shop around. maybe houston, sloan kettering, johns hopkins... it's my third cancer diagnosis in four years. and it sucks. but i'll deal. i'm tougher, and smarter this time around, and i have even more friends to send me love and help me out. i love you all.

i'm so jonesing for falcon ridge right now. if me and meredith can't throw together a last minute submission for the artist showcase, then i am going to send out my own stuff, and try to bring her up on stage if i get in. it's been difficult to get in so far, but i'm going to give it a whirl yet again. it's hard to see far into the future. if i have to reschedule chemo again to go to falcon ridge, i will. i will be there no matter what.

i also decided that i'm going to las vegas for my niece's second birthday party in the beginning of june. she's a genius and i love her more than anything.

i'll let you guys know as soon as i know anything else.
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