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Monday, April 18, 2005
so, for you non-massachusettsians (massachusians? massachusisites? ah, well, you get it), today is "patriots' day." what this means, is that there's the boston marathon, and an afternoon sox game, and half of the state gets the day off while the other half has to work, and hates the other half. and i guess we all think about partiotism. right.

but it's another absolutely gorgeous day, and i am spending it in the cafe at pace, where i can look outside and wish i was there, at the very least.

so it's wrong of me to have kept you all in suspense at my health news. but the news so far is that i don't know much more than i knew the last time that i blogged. i went to the doctor last tuesday, and he told me that the "change" was something that was contained in my lung, and was nowhere else. he said that it was possible that it was just scar tissue, but it was also possible that it wasn't. so i am having a PET scan tomorrow, which is the really fun thing where they shoot you up with sugar and radioisotopes and if you have cancer, the cancer eats the sugar and the radiation makes it light up. enjoyable, huh? but my doctor also said that even if it does light up, it's still possible that it's remnants from last time that are making it light up, and it could still be a false alarm. we cna only hope. and wait. and i fucking HATE waiting.

but i do have the world's best mom. she promised me that after the evil scan, we would take ourselves out to lunch, and then go shoe shopping. sadly, shoe shopping is the one thing that can take my mind off of anything. i just have the ability to lock in on shape and form and color and comfort and fabulousness and not think of anything else. thank god for small favors.

i promise to keep y'all in the know as soon as i know something.
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