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Monday, March 28, 2005
well, it is a rainy, rainy, rainy, RAINY monday here in the happy valley. i wore my crazy pink paisley galoshes to work here at pace, and believe you me, i actually needed them. if it were colder, we'd be having the blizzard of the century. thank the good lord that it's not that cold.

speaking of which, i am hoping that the snow we had last week was, as they call it where i grew up, the "onion snow." onion snow meaning that it's the last storm of the season, and the farmers, therefore, can plant their onions. do they call it that everywhere? i wonder...

so my stem cells had a FANTABULOUS birthday on friday. thank you to everyone who came out to my show/packard's, and/or wished me well in general. it was one of those crazy days at work, such that i didn't get a lunch break, and by the time i got out of work, i had decided that it was too soon to showtime to eat. so my recollection of sound check/ my set is spotty at best. however, i do recall debuting "monday night snow angel" with NO mistakes, a mere 48 hours after it fully came into existence, and tons of friends showing up and having fabulous fun. after my set, i devoured a bowl of peanut noodles and a sam adams, the sam adams arriving in my stomach first, and leaving me feeling happy happy for the rest of the night. i watched the kennedys set, and they were awesome as usual. plus, they were big sweethearts and told the audience to buy my cds (which some did!) and dedicated "dharma cafe" to me, because i am the open mic host. they were also very kind and complimented me on my performance, telling me that i could open for them anytime. yay for that.

and yay for the rebirth of my stem cells. funny thing is, i haven't had my cat scan yet. i will get that a week from tuesday, and that's when we'll learn that everything is clear. hopefully. yeah.

so after the show, joe and juliette and meredith and dave and sonia and josh and ella and zack and kevin and i(to drop a few names)adjourned to packard's to celebrate further. let me tell you, nothing says 'happy stem cell birthday' like a texas burger and chili nachos. our new favorite waitress brought me a brownie sundae with candles in it, and i blew them out, and made a wish. but i can't tell you what it was. just that it had something to do with hoping i'd always be surrounded by such wonderful people. :)

thanks again to all of my wonderful friends for all of their amazing support. y'all rule hardcore.
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