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Monday, February 07, 2005
well, it has been totally effing GORGEOUS here in happy valley for the past couple of days. unfortunately, yesterday was the only day that i really got to enjoy it: as usual, i worked on saturday, and today, i am working my other job that pays me, at the good 'ole gypsy rose cafe. yes, that's right, PACE is back up and running again, which is awesome.

you see, what ended up happening, is that the local building inspector made a MASSIVE error in shutting PACE down. what it took to get opened back up, is that we had to wait for the state inspector to come down and look at the place herself. when she did that, she said, "you shouldn't have been shut down," ripped the local guy a new one, and made him send a letter of apology and give us permission to reopen.

but the damage has already been done. when we were shut down, there were articles printed in the local papers that said that we had been shut down for building and fire code violations. so the general public, and those who haven't read the articles since then, have the perception that PACE is somewhat seedy and unsafe. we lost thousands of dollars in revenue and even more on our reputation. we're currently raising money to buy tables and chairs to put into the theater space, to promote the restaurant/beer and wine aspect and to get rid of the metal folding chairs. so if you've been thinking about coming to a show to check it out, please do so.

speaking of shows at PACE... this friday is bound to be a GREAT time! i will be playing at torch song tribute night with the wonderful likes of emily shore, chris o'brien, kate klim, and many others that are sure to please. we will be having a bitterly anti-valentine time. come on by! only 7 bucks. for directions and more info!

so yesterday was relaxing and fun, overall. i haven't had one of those days in a long time. i woke up dazed and wondering where i was at 11 a.m. turns out i was asleep on my futon. i watched tv and ate breakfast at my own pace, then ventured out into the world for coffee and to have a walk and get some beer for the superbowl party. it was amazing outside. by the time i got downtown from my house, i was sweating because it was so warm and sunny. instead of being annoyed at the sweatiness, with all of its armpit dampening and hair-ruining-ness, i was pleased at punch to be out there. it smelled like spring. i walked around with my coffee for a while, then threw it out caise it was TOO HOT to be drinking coffee! people were out in shorts and sandals, as they are wont to do in the warmer spells of winter. it looked like it could have been spring. i began to see the light in the dark tunnel of doom that is winter in new england. i went to starbucks and the kind folks there brewed passion iced tea just for little old me, and i stretched out my legs and found myself smiling randomly, for the first time in a long time.

and then the eagles went and lost the superbowl. not that i didn't expect them to, having grown up in the philly area, and being used to the bad luck that befalls all of our teams sooner or later. after the 1994 world series, nothing in sports can hurt me. so i was quietly cheering the eagles on, for if i should have been loud in my support, i would have been physically removed from ethan's apartment. as usual, we blew the game in the end. ah, well. i ate lots of junk food and hung out with my friends, which really is the point of it, after all.

time to go find some work to do. don't forget to come to the show on friday!!
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