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Monday, February 28, 2005
so PACE was absolutely PACKED on saturday night! it was good to see the place all jumpin' and full. we and the artists made a nice chunk of money, and isn't that what a nonprofit venue is all about? hoo-ray.

otherwise, things are supremely uneventful in my life. getting through the new england winter is crazy. there's yet another storm planned for today. every, every time we talk i'm at pace and it's snowing, or about to snow. i don't know what to tell you folks.

in honor of the crazy weather and a beautiful person i know, i started writing a song called monday night snow angel, which, if it ever gets written, sounds like a supremely good album title. i have tentative plans to do a little bit of recording in the late spring, and hopefully, there will be a new album available next winter. ish. god willing. please.

i'm now listening to the lemonheads' fantastic cover of "mrs. robinson." i found 'it's a shame about ray' at turn it up! who knew that someone would be so dumb as to ever sell this item... actually, that was one of the many items that went missing after my fortuitous pairing (by the office of residence life at umass) with a cokehead college roomate. i may have bought back my own copy. i do think that my copy of buffalo tom's "big red letter day" is sitting there still. ah, well.

according to turbotax, i qualify for the earned income credit. hoo-ray for 300 extra bucks in my pocket. good shit.

i'm off to work.
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