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Monday, February 14, 2005
so is it all right if my optimism has gone away completely? i'm in the cafe, and keep staring to my left and watching little pill-y snowflakes fall from the sky outside of the big glass windows that make it super cold in here.

no customers so far today. i'm all kinds of lonely and cold. only about 3 hours until the open mic regulars start to filter in. we'll see what our numbers are like today: i plan on bashing those who aren't here (playfully, of course)and have the audacity to have dates while the rest of us don't.

i guess the majority of the world is doing last-minute shopping or hiding from the cold. that's what i'd be doing if i could.

someone once mentioned to me that i should try to get a grant for my book from the national endowment for the arts. i just went to their website, and guess what? you have to have already published a book, or have published like 5 short stories in the last five years or something. what the hell is that crap? with 2 jobs and the schedule i maintain, i will finish my book about two weeks after never. either that or my granddaughter will find it and finish it herself. which wouldn't be super-bad, but i'd love to be able to live to see people actually reading it. oh, the frustration...

the snow is just melting on the ground so far. the cars are still going up and down union street at a decent pace. i've put my coat on.

i'm reduced to wondering what makes the cherry flavoring in my diet pepsi "wild," besides extra chemicals. hmm. that's a thinker.

back to work.
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