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Monday, February 21, 2005
every time i talk to you people, it seems, i'm at PACE and it's snowing. what the--?? ah, well, it is new england after all. i should know that it's going to happen and just deal.

speaking of PACE, we're totally back in business. the theater is looking amazing these days, mostly thanks to my good buddy joe, who found us a crapload of tables and comfortable, cushioned chairs to fill the space with. you no longer have to have a sore ass from seeing a show here! wahoo! and in time for my show with the kennedys on march 25th! which, by the way, i'll warn you all now: i am pulling the SICK card on that day.

it is my first gig getting to open for a great band like the kennedys AND it's the first birthday of my new stem cells!! you must all come to the show, no excuses allowed! there will be my opening set, followed by the kennedys, followed by getting my new baby cells nice and trashed at packard's with as many friends and loved ones as possible, followed by crashing/sobering up at my place if folks are unable to drive. crash space is available at my place for you out-of-towners. it would mean the world to me.

so yesterday, i did some manual labor. it was cool. "but andrea," you say, "you are both prissy and weak. how could you do such a thing?" my answer to you, dear reader, is that i just HAD to go to pace and haul 2 by 4s cause why not? it was a great workout and it was great to be able to help for once. we tore down the sound booth and began the bare bones work of putting up a new one. it'll be awesome. the renovations are looking great so far.

what's up with those guys that walk around town in ill-fitting business attire who look like they're on speed and try to sell you crap? i near bitch-slapped one today for getting his smart-mouth on at me. i once saw one follow a poor old woman to her car and stand in the open driver doorway so she couldn't shut it. if i were her, i'd have had the punk arrested. and when i say crap, i mean CRAP. don't ever inquire about the contents of their duffel bags. just shake your head. pretend you're mentally impaired. anything.

hm. not much else to rant about at this point. stay warm and come see me at open mic tonight if you're in the area.
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