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Monday, January 24, 2005

I am nerdier than 37% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

well, i am officially a wannabe nerd, but we all knew that anyways.

it's the time of winter when there's really, honestly, nothing going on. there was a giant dumping of snow the other night, but thankfully, it was light to shovel. the boys and i went out to packard's tonight. jason called me one-tone (cause i fixed my hair) and everyone thought he said "won-ton" (like soup), or "wanton" (like slutty). i love those guys.

i have to go to the doctor tomorrow, something i've been avoiding since october. this will be fun, because i'll get yelled at for not having my port flushed and not taking my medicine regularly. but they're right to yell. i should take better care of myself. i should make doctor appointments before they call my mother again to ask her if i'm alive. oops. it's just that sometimes i think "if i don't go to the oncologist, i am no longer a cancer patient." wrong. until 5 years, i'm only in remission. and by then, i'll be 30 and of no use anyways.

it's meredith's birthday on wednesday, and i have to find her a present. this is tough, because i got her something she LOVES for xmas. i can't possibly top that one. email me with ideas. i know i'm just going to end up at the mall, spending the last of my xmas gift cards, and getting that album by the killers. for myself. i'm such a damned girl.

PACE is having more drama than the jerry springer show. show them some love.

it's bedtime for all crazyfolk, and that means me.
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