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Monday, January 10, 2005
so i think, over the weekend, i may have had an epiphany. now i don't know if one of the criteria for something to be classified as 'epiphany,' is for it to be completely instantaneous, and if so, then i did not have one- but if so, then i think i may have.

you see, friends, i have been feeling the pressure of having 2 jobs that pay me, and a bunch of jobs that don't, and have been feeling like there is no time to do things as simple as clean my apartment, and keep myself and my health in good, working condition.

and on wednesday, my wonderful friend nichole came to visit me, and we attended one of nerissa nields' fabulous writing workshops. one of the discussed topics was, of course, finding time to write with a busy schedule. i took that info in (you have to go to to one to get the full story!!), so i let that information settle, and by last night i had decided that i would wake up at 7:30, even though i didn't have to be at work until 11:30. in this time, i free wrote for a half an hour, worked out for half an hour, ate breakfast, readied myself for work, and left the house, getting to work early to prep food and stuff.

i decided to do my own twist on the no-sugar diet that i've done before. so far i'm not feeling withdrawal that badly. but i made up my mind to only spend money using my gift cards on my day off (which has become the notorious andrea-buys-everything-in-the-world day) and cean m apartment from top-to bottm. even the refrigerator. and the attic.

so that is my plan for a more wonderful year.

so the gig for the SAMfund went really well. the weather was horrendous, and we still got decent attendance. all the wonderful people from my writing workshop came, including nerissa nields, our fearless leader, who played a surprise mini-set. my set was well-received, and people bought cds, which was xtra wonderful because i gave all the cd profits from that night back to the samfund. a wonderful night altogether.

next big gig: opening for the kennedys on march 25! stay tuned for details.
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