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Wednesday, December 29, 2004
well, i am very, very sorry for the lack of blogging in my life, lately. i plead the following excuses:

1- the holidays
2- work
3- the holidays
4- work
5- the holidays

so every last spare moment of the past few weeks was spent in preparation for the holidays. shopping, cleaning, working, all that fine mess. but the news is that i successfully gave my gifts and visited all persons that required visiting (i think), and now i am SICK. why, why is it, that the second you calm the hell down, the sickness just grips you in a stranglehold? it's been about a week, and a case and a half of tylenol cold. it's getting a little bit better now.

so my sister and niece were in town from las vegas, and let me be the first to brag that my niece is a complete genius. she is 18 months old and says TONS of words and sentences. she picked up "auntie" in about five seconds, as well as about a billion other random ones, including "hummus," "where are you?" "smeagol," and "thank you!"

i got some fun stuff for christmas, which has aided me in my illness so far. i got mean girls on dvd, which i've almost completely worn out already. and i've been flying through a bunch of lemony snicket books. (it is my humble opinion that they're even MORE messed up than harry potter.) also, i acquired green day's "american idiot," which rules.

oh yeah, and i got another cd too. i may or may not have bought an ashlee simpson cd, and may or may not be singing "pieces of me" in my toad-like sick voice all the time.

more later, i promise!!
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