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Monday, November 29, 2004
so did everyone have a happy thanksgiving?

mine was all right.

that about sums things up.

so the big stepkiddian plan was to learn up a bunch of xmas carols and busk in northampton center on black friday. and we tried, ever-so-valiantly. alas, it did not come to pass. you see, in order to play on the streets of northampton, you must acquire a special permit. first, you must do as i did, and call every city office until the nice man (finally) at the arts council tells you that you need to call the DPW. once you call the DPW, the nice lady will tell you the rules, and that you must come down before 4:30, with everyone you wish to play with. you will then make your bandmate leave work early in order to go to the DPW. you will be there for a long time while the nice lady asks you all sorts of dumb questions that she's required to ask you. you then sign a few things, and she tells you to go to the police station to have it officially signed by them. you figure, well, the police station is always open, so we can wait on getting it signed. you will be WRONG.

you will arrive at the police station at the asscrack of dawn on black friday with your bandmate, who is not yet properly caffeinated and therefore quite snippy. she will tell the annoyed officer at the desk that she wishes please to have our permit signed. the officer will scoff and say, "not today." why? you ask? well, they will tell you that the captain must sign it, not just any police officer. and he's not there. you will want to cry. your bandmate, again, not properly caffeinated, will not process this information. you will stand on the steps of the police station for fifteen minutes deciding what the hell to do now that it is black friday, early in the morning, and you have been DENIED your busking permit, and therefore denied money.

at writing group last tuesday, our fearless leader read a piece of her book where the character is meditating in some special karmic way that i can't really understand. he breathes in the bad things, and out good things. so meredith and i decided, of course, to breathe out complaining. so we walked across the street to acme surplus and complained to britta. she was sympathetic but working, so she couldn't really console us. and here comes the part where we actuallly breathed out a good thing.

while we were there, we gathered up things to send to a female soldier in iraq. turns out that the government does not provide them with the necessary feminine supplies, or with things that make them feel, actually human. so meredith and britta and i ae sending a soldier some of those things, pklus fun personal touches. it's my job to send girlie things, like a copy of dirty dancing and nail polish and a cosmo, just so that they can have a girly night if they want. i'll post the link to the website where you can get the soldiers' names, once i find it myself. so, yes, we shall get that out there for xmas. i'm going to burn them some cds too.

just chillin at the gypsy rose cafe today, practicing with meredith later, and then going out for sonia from pace's birthday!! yay for her!!

more later, folks...
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