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Monday, November 15, 2004
meredith made me real southern food last night. beans and cornbread and collard greens. and she's really from texas (unlike some idiot president who shall remain nameless) so it was authentic. yum city. i didn't even care about going off the no-sugar no-fat diet for the night. i had a beer too. we were "practing," which has meant these days that we sit in her kitchen and play our guitars and sing, in between giving each other advice and making each other laugh, while she cooks something and i watch like a little kid. we're both leo rising, which means that we have good hair and are fairly forceful, so that we are often labeled "pushy." we commiserate about these facts in between playing bits and pieces of new songs. i like practicing. i like meredith. hooray for the stepkids.

in other news, i found out i could apply for a grant for music comp from the mass cultural council. which is awesome, and the odds are much better than most "contests." although i don't know how many singer-songwriter types they'll get, i'll send mine in anyways. it couldn't hurt. and i'm also gonna send out pieces of the book to the NEA, which has a literature category for fiscal year 2006. and i also must write a short-short story for the writer's digest contest, which nerissa sent out the link for. cool.

so yes, come to my gig at starbucks! we have been unable to confirm the time with the booking lady, but i hear through meredith that i have a gig, and she does too, as well as one more person at least. so i'm thinking it'll be close to half an hour sets, maybe a little shorter or longer. but this is wednesday, starbucks in northampton. BE THERE.

last week, i was inspired by teresa's amazing knitting skills to take up knitting again. and i also found "heathers" and "american beauty" on sale for 10 bucks. so what you can find me doing, in all of my "free time," is watching heathers and knitting. it is quite amusing. "f--- me gently with a chainsaw." i never get tired of that.

so, in closing, come to my gig. say hi. gimme a hug. buy a cd. i'll post it here as soon as i know the exact-ish time.
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