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Monday, November 01, 2004
it is morningtime. i am already up, showered, dressed, and at the haymarket blogging. i heart turning the clocks back. i know, it stinks that it gets dark so very early, but it just makes me seem SO on the ball. it's like i woke up this morning at 7:30 on purpose or something. i still have a good forty five minutes before i even have to get on my way to work. yes, this will make the day at work seem longer, but perhaps i can actually get a few useful things done while i'm sitting there in the cafe. maybe i'll be so on the ball that i'll actually be able to clean my house from work. wouldn't that rule?

my reasons for cleaning my house (yes, i need reasons, because my normal squalor is not as revolting to me as it is to others) are twofold: one is that my landlady is coming on wednesday to check the caulking around my bathtub, cause the neighbor's been getting water in his roof; the other, is that i have guests coming on thursday. "guests?" you ask, "since when do you, andrea, take in guests?" "well," i say, "since two of my good friends are coming into town for nerissa nields' writing workshop, and i am happily obliged to show them hospitality."

i am very much loooking forward to taking friday and saturday off of work in order to make a nice dent in the writing that is required to keep going with my novel. it is coming out SO slow. but i am hoping the quality is there. anyways, teresa and nichole of the GFP at falcon ridge, are coming in to town, and i am super-excited to see them! possible plans include, but are not limited to: poker night with my boyz, '80s night at diva's, hanging with my rock band, soniA at PACE, and, oh yeah, a little writing workshop too. :)

i am all kinds of jazzed to be taking two days off from work. i do love my job like nobody's business, but i suppose if your job was tasting chocolate, you'd want the day off at some point too.

so what are we going to do tomorrow, fellow american citizens? HM?? that's right, we are VOTING. FOR JOHN KERRY. i'm not about to spout all that bullshit that it doesn't matter who you vote for, as long as you use your right. it's gotten too bad. it's too critical. ROCK THIS VOTE. FOR JOHN KERRY. david of PACE and i were talking to cliff eberhardt, who just got back from touring italy, before his show on friday night, and he said all he heard about when he was there was "Boosh." upon telling them that he didn't vote for Bush, one italian told him, "then you should kill him." man, the rest of the world has it right. so VOTE. and get this ignoramus out of the white house, and out of power.

so in other news: touch me, people: i got a flu shot. yes, way. it turns out that i am special enough to get a flu shot. wow. my medical problems still amaze me sometimes. i expressed to my doctor that i felt good, and could give mine up to someone who was more sick. he rolled his eyes and said, "you should get a flu shot." turns out, upon further questioning, that my oncologists' office had "a stash for our special friends," because the very smart nurse ordered very early. nurses rule. they are so smart. but yes, i can probably sell my used bandage to some seniors for decent cash. no, i don't think it's right, but that brings me back to my point. it is NOT profitable for drug companies to make flu vaccines, so they don't do it so much. so when some gets thrown out, there are no reserves. hm, i wonder how we can fix this??

VOTE for JOHN KERRY. otherwise, big business will triumph, and get real busy making drugs so that Bob Dole can get it up, not so that people can actually LIVE.

and if anyone gives you trouble when you go to vote, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.
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