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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
so the post cat-scan haze is lifting, or beginning to lift. i didn't get the usual, "hi there, everything is ok," phone call from the doctor, but i'm sure it is ok, as the PET was negative and all. fingers crossed.

so when i was waiting in the little room drinking my disgusting barium drink thingie, there were three other people there drinking their little drinks. they were all older, and pretending it was cocktail hour. when we had to drink a new cup (every 15 minutes), the old man would say, "nazdrovia," as though we were drinking vodka. they were good people, fun to spend time with. i know they were all sad for me, being so young and all. they even thought i was in high school. (yay, i guess i don't look old!) but it's so cool when people can come together who normally wouldn't.

when i got into the actual scan part of the cat scan, the nurse that came in to access my port was the same nurse that stayed by my bedside all of last winter when i spent time getting chemo at cooley dickinson. she remembered all sorts of details about my family and was way nice. it's always goood when the staff really cares. i love nurses. it's the doctors that suck.

so i just came home and watched the red sox kick ass, and am now hoping that john edwards will follow suit. dick cheney is an ass, but unfortunately, is intelligent, so it won't be the general floor-wiping that john kerry gave w, but i think it will be fun to see the southern gentleman smooth-talker win over people as the cranky old man gets mad.

time to pop some popcorn and get ready...
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