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Monday, October 25, 2004
so, of course, the red sox turned it all around, i had TOTAL faith. well, i had some doubt, but they all seemed to come through in the end. even johnny damon, jesus look-alike and ALCS hero. gotta love that dirty bunch. reminds me of the '93 phillies, who broke my heart so... perhaps this year the curse will finally be lifted.

so i've been working a lot lately, which i like, because that equals more money. on the other hand, i am generally so exhausted that i can't even think by the end of the week. i generally get two days off, but they are not in a row. so i never get that sunday morning deep slumber that comes from knowing in your inner being that you have the day off. i'm still doing the saturday slow-down on sunday morning. i think i just need to take some yoga or find some other way of settling myself down, because for much of the time, i am completely stressed out, and having chest pains and such. granted, they are mild pains, but yikes! it's scary. good thing i am constantly, annoyingly medically supervised.

speaking of which, i wrote a rather lengthy article in the new PACE magazine, which details almost the entirety of my medical fiasco of last year. so i have had a few random emails from people from my past, and a few strangers walking up to me, telling me how healthy i look. i suppose it could be much worse, they could be ex-boyfriend emails and people walking up to me telling me i look like crap. still, it is very, very strange to have EVERYONE know the details of my personal life.

so, in other news, i have signed on to do all of the hair design for the PACE production of "into the woods." (i don't know if i blogged about it, but i quit the musical early on, once i realized that i wouldn't really get to sing, with my roles as the giant and snow white.) my boss also agreed to donate the color, and my labor, so that i can totally make over the woman playing the witch, and i get to color the young boy playing jack's hair BRIGHT red. hopefully, this will cause business to pick up for me. it's coming on to one of hairdressing's slow seasons. up until the holidays it will be fairly busy, then dead after that until spring, basically. so while i sit here in the gypsy rose cafe, i will bust out my pencil and crayons to sketch out my designs. a most excellent way to be paid for my labor, without actually technically being paid for it.

any halloween plans, you ask? well, no, not really. but just in case, i bought a costume yesterday. i JUST LOVE gypsy heart in northampton, where i found a great fifties-style blouse. and then i headed over to roz's place, where i found a great dress to make into a skirt. then i went to synergy, and found a pair of shoes that would double as a costume piece and shoes that i can wear every day. yay! but no, no plans as of yet. i will likely go to woek on saturday and the PACE show afterward in my costume. what is it, you ask? well, i shall tell you that i am going as my EXACT opposite: a good girl form the fifties. :) all i need now is some pearls.

time to sketch.
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