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Monday, October 04, 2004
so i must apologize to the folks (yes, mr. president, this is what a "group of folks" is...) who read my blog daily, or try to do so. the past week has been very busy, with work and various medical bullshit going on. but do not fear, the news so far is good news, or as good as can be expected.

tuesday i went for my PET scan at picturesque holyoke hospital, arrived at the asscrack of dawn, and was finishing up just as i woke up. unfortunately, my brother, who was supposed to meet me there at 9:30, overslept and woke just as i was finishing (thank the dear lord for cellphones), so i walked in the downpour to the building that houses the little coffee shop and sat there watching the nuns in dirty habits (wow, what a great song title) glare at my short skirt. I, however, was perplexed, because i was wearing jeans underneath it, therefore not exposing myself, therefore not a trollop. but i suppose one mustn't wear jeans to a hospital- somehow that's improper. i say fuck you, sister, i'm a cancer survivor, i don't _have_ to do anything. that usually works for people without too much argument.

i'm at pace now... had to go change the cd. a wonderful yet horribly depressing song called 'execution by christmas lights' was on, so i put on the nields' gotta get over greta instead. much more cheery and cafe-esque.

but anyways, while i was shopping off the nasty morning on tuesday, in the dressing room at old navy, i got a phone call from my local oncologist saying that the initial report from the PET was completely negative. i said thank you, zipped up the jeans, checked out my nonexistent ass, and put my street clothes back on. i thought then that, in the movie version of my life, i would have broke down crying in joy, music would have started playing, and the old navy fitting room attendant would have come in to check on me. i would have explained it to her, she would have cried too, and we would have become lifelong friends. instead, i just handed the jeans back to her as the bizarre new cover of "car wash" blared on the sound system.

so, like everyone that cares about politics, i watched the presidential debates on thursday night. i was so ridiculously happy that john kerry wiped the floor with president dumbfuck. he didn't pull an al gore, he proved how much smarter he was, yet was completely clear and concise. bush used 'vociferous' wrong, and proved just how much of an idiot monkey-boy he is. meredith and i were possibly going to do a pro--vote gig at starbucks, where she wanted to make a "kerry me" t-shirt to wear. i plan to get her that shirt, and make one for myself that says, "don't forget poland." there are only a few more days to register to vote, so if you haven't had the chance to, do it NOW!! my brother registered on, and YOU CAN TOO!!

so yesterday, i was about to embark on a marathon day at the haymarket, working on my novel. instead i got a phone call from my buddy joe to come apple picking. i thought about it for a second, and then agreed. for once in my life, i should choose the "outdoor" option, i thought. it was a warm--ish fall day and GORGEOUS here in northampton. joe and i picked up sonia at her house, and then went out too outlook farms on route 66 in westhampton. if you have never been, you simply MUST go. they have a cute little country store, and you get a 1/2 bushel bag to fill with apples for only like 12 bucks. (we're pretty sure it's just that expensive cause they know you're going to eat your fair share while you're out there.) sonia and joe got me to climb the first tree of my life, which was a little difficult to do in flip-flops, and being that i am so weak and prissy. but i made it halfway up, not bad, i thought, and we picked our fill of appples and enjoyed the sunshine. i took pictures on joe's camera, just to prove to myself, just to make a permanent mark of how the sun shone through the tree branches and onto sonia's hair while she picked queen anne's lace and clover. usually a city girl, i enjoyed nature that day, and today i am making apple crisp at the gypsy rose cafe at pace. the particular recipe is a spin on a recipe from one of the former governors of west virginia. ah, the things you can find online...

oh yes, and saturday, pace had its 2nd anniversary celebration, with steve biegner and the 50 ways. it was too bad we were competing with the nields at the iron horse, as well as deb talan and steve tannen being in town somewhere else. but we still got a decent little crowd and made a little moeny for pace. and that's always good.

time to go coook something. i promise to try to be better at this whole blogging thing....
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