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Monday, October 11, 2004
so, everything's a little nutty today. i have a feeling that we've been cursed for "celebrating" columbus day. i'm surprised that worse things haven't gone on, even. but i think the bad karma should be reserved for those who are unaware of the stupidity of celebrating columbus day. what have i done wrong?

must have been something. perhaps it was the crazy little parade they had in northampton, complete with the likeness of christopher columbus (i surmise) on a white horse that did me in. for some reason, the bus never came, and i was forced to be an hour late opening up the dear little gypsy rose cafe. but yeah, i was pissed for a little while until i chatted with a few customers, made hummus, and then made myself a black-and-white capuccino. things are a little better.

so i went yesterday to lucky's in northampton to get a tattoo. i hear several of you going, "dear god, why??" i will tell you why. but before i do, i will tell y'all that i actually do not have a tattoo yet. they were closing early, and there was no time. so, i am supposed to call today for an appointment. anyways, back to why i am getting a tattoo: mainly because i want one. and i even, sometimes, feel that i need one. originally, i wanted to tattoo over one of the many scars that reside on my chest. however, my sister's ex, who is a tattoo artist, said that it was impossible to tattoo over a pink scar, that it would not hold the ink. damn. but then i got to thinking about it. i thought about the permanence of those scars and how you could almost make a constellation out of them. so i have decided upon a small star shape (more of an asterisk type star, not the star shape that everyone and their dog has) in red ink, to symbolize that it, itself, is a scar, and part of the constellation.

so if you still think it's stupid, just thank the dear lord that i'm not getting a tazmanian devil waving a nascar flag on my ass.

so in other terrible news, christopher reeve is dead. the horrible people that make up the headlines at AOL news immediately blasted me with SUPERMAN IS DEAD when i innocently checked my email this morning. it really, really saddens me to know that such a tough person was forced to succumb to a horrible health problem, because of the ignorance of a few powerful zealots. i am often asked, when i tell people that i have had a stem cell transplant, what that means, and isn't that illegal? no, it was not, because they were ADULT stem cells, and my own. it is amazing what stem cells can do. i had virtually NO IMMUNE SYSTEM, and within a month, i was almost fully recovered. they are miraculous things, stem cells are. and it's an absolutely terrible statement about the state of our country that we are not using all of our resources to heal our citizens: that we are consciously blocking people from receiving potentially life-saving treatments. it does not make sense, and it is not right at all. this is yet another reason to VOTE next month. at the "town hall format" presidential debate, all w could keep saying was "destroying life, blah blah blah..." regarding the use of embryonic stem cells. what is it to let fully formed persons waste away when the technology exists to heal them? all for the political support of the religious right. it makes me sick. and it is nothing, NOTHING, but "destroying life."

so now i'm chilling in the gypsy rose cafe, having put "the first ladies of song," one of my favorite cds, on in order to calm myself further. i will keep you all posted on the progress of the tattoo. we'll see if it happens today...
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