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Sunday, October 17, 2004
i am watching the red sox now, because i am a glutton for punishment. the yankees all have devil eyes. they are evil, so the fact that we constantly lose to them is not so bad... right? plus, matsui is a ROBOT. i am convinced of this. the only time he ever does things wrong, it's just so people won't get suspicious. but i love those shaggy red sox.

so guess what i went and did on wednesday? i FINALLY got my tattoo. i am now the proud owner of a beatuteous star on my front left shoulder. it was done by krystof at lucky's in northampton. i had actually had a long day at work, and had forgotten about doing it, until i met up with meredith at starbuck's and she said, "so, you wanna get tattooed?" and i decided that i did. and i described what i wanted, and he came back with a drawing that was exactly what i wanted, so i did it, and it is beautiful. thank goodness for meredith, or i'd still be pining for it. she's good like that. and she said she likes me more than gyoza too. yay.

so... i'm doing right now what i've been planning on doing for a while now... i have given up sugar. and i am surviving, surprisingly. after going through some serious, serious withdrawal on tuesday, i am all right. feeling better, even. i have heard tell that going off of sugar for three weeks kills all the bad yeast in your body and you don't crave it so much. and i'm also restricted to fat free dairy and whole grains, but it makes me feel good so far, and my pants fit better. so that's good. and i'm still allowed to have my nonfat sugarfree vanilla latte, and that's what's really important.

oh, but to continue on about wednesday, meredith and i were totally badass and went to get my tattoo, then made sure we were registered to vote. (she moved, and i thought i might have forgotten to mail in my city census.) we were, and then we went back to starbucks to meet up with britta and watch the debates. we played a fun drinking game- you must drink any time anyone points with his thumb, says "liberal" like it's an insult, denies anything you distinctly remember him saying before, and other fun stuff. we made our way through quite a few bottles of sam adams cherry wheat. yum...

i have to make my voting tshirt. i'm so boring. my 'don't forget poland' was already taken. now i don't know what to do. meredith thought up another great one. "bush/cheney '04: because health insurance is for pussies." she's so smart. that's why she's in my band.

austin tour dates will be posted as soon as i get them.
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