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Sunday, September 19, 2004
well, folks, it's been a long time. tons of stuff has happened since i last fully blogged. my boss and i went to graham webb academy in new york, into the woods was cast, i had a surprise party, saw friends from far away, and there were clowns and goats and magicians!!! welll, not really, but that sounds fancier.

so new york... barbara and i caught the bus out of springfield at about 5:30 in the morning last sunday, which meant we had to wake up at 3:30. and andrea, well, she's not so great at getting to sleep these days. so, i had about a good hour of sleep in me, and can not sleep in public (which i don't necessarily consider to be a bad thing), so we arrived in new york around 9:30 at port authority WAY tired. i, for some reason, was put in charge of navigation, so that was interesting. that, and "30 rockefeller plaza" doesn't really give you a good idea where to go if you don't know the city, so it was a little stressful. just saying "the NBC building" would have helped a little more. so we arrived at 30 Rockefeller plaza with about five minutes to spare. we rushed in and went to the information desk and the dude said, "let me guess... you're looking for The Studio?" i guess we looked like a couple of lost hairdressers. fair enough.

class was great, the city was great. it was overall, very educational and fun. i set myself a budget and stayed way within it, had dinner at serendipity one night and at the rainbow room on the other. i made serveral girly purchases; purple shoes, sparkly blue eye shadow, and the nicest (material) gift that i've ever given myself.

if you are ever in new york city, have ovaries, and happen to be walking in the vicinity of fifth and fifty-seventh, something will pull you in. shiny, shiny, sparkly, expensive things. tiffany. tiffany. tiffany.on the third floor, where they keep the more "affordable" items, i fell in love with something. i went in thinking that i would not buy something just to buy something from tiffany, to have that beautiful blue box. but it spoke to me. i tracked down a saleslady and said, " i need to try that on." i tried it on. it fit. i said, "I want it." she looked shocked. i handed her my credit card. she rung it up. i thought, "oh, shit. i just bough a necklace at tiffany." she gave me the bag and box. i walked over to my boss and said, "remind me how many times you live?" she did. and then i was happy. i got a really beautiful sterling silver necklace with a cutout star shape. sooooo pretty. and i do not care that i blew about half of my paycheck.

so after the tiffany experience, we had about 45 minutes to get to the port authority. but my boss decided that we had to go back to benetton "on the way," since all of our stuff was still at the studio. well, let me tell you, we made that bus with not more than a few moments to spare. i miss the city now. it's weird to realize how small-town northampton really is.

more later...
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