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Sunday, September 26, 2004
so, i am just now experiencing my first TRUE day off in about 2 weeks. it is very, very nice for me. so far, at least. i am still on my futon with my giant foot pillow i've had since i was three, and i had TASTYKAKES for breakfast, cause i wanted them and cause my Daddy brought them to me for my birthday, all the way from Pennsylvania. can't waste 'em.

so this week... my friends and i went to packard's on monday night for our customary birthday celebration with cute kate as our waitress, where we ate lots and drank some and played pool and with the jukebox. meredith and i decided that we simply must cover 'i touch myself', especially when the band gets to tour all the gay bars in austin. yes, we're hoping to do that during the winter, when the hair business is slow and the lampshade factory is closed so meredith has off anyways, and matt is home from college. yay for stepkids gigs!!

tuesday was fairly crappy, as i had to go to the doctor and schedule all of my medical bullshit. it's at once the hardest and easiest thing to forget about: i'll be having a good time and wondering why i'm not having a great time, and then i'll realize that i'm worried about being too near to smoking, or eating too much sugar, or soy, and somehow aggravating the stupid cells in my body. but yeah, pet scan on tuesday at 7:45 AM. yuck. and my carlessness is especially aggravating then, cause i have to find a willing friend to take me. my best brother in the world, and sister in law will prolly tag team it. the pet scan is way worse than the cat scan cause it's all segregated and there's weird radiation and injections and it's NO fun. the sounds it makes sound like orcs and are just as scary. and you're not allowed to have a walk man either. bummer.

but the good side of tuesday was that i saw my mommy and she bought me pretty shoes for my birthday (kenneth cole pointy kitten heel, black with pink and blue, ohh...) and we had lunch and fun.

thursday night meredith and i busted out my old four track and laid down 'every now and then' and 'window.' then we got tired of that and went out dancing at diva's and it was the BEST time!!! thursday night is no cover and they play 80s music! i highly, highly recommend it. the music kept going even after last call and it ended up being almost 2 by the time we got home. and yeah, i was hurting a little bit going in friday morning, but that's all right. my first appointment cancelled anyways.

yeah, so i'm still tired but i want to spend my birthday money, so i'm off to shop. more later.
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