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Thursday, September 09, 2004
i can't sleep and i just wrote an entire fucking post that got lost somewhere in the chasm of the internet JUST BECAUSE MY LIFE FUCKING SUCKS.

but i'm not in a hospital bed.


not in a hospital bed.


okay. you know, i really hate insomnia. it just makes everything in the entire world worse. i'm just so tired of dragging all the time. some people are saying it's the weather- all the molds and crap floating around in the air, and the torrential rain we've been experiencing. i don't know. it's just put me in a foul place.

i wrote a witty and touching paragraph about recently becoming a member of the yellow bracelet club. (the website doesn't work so well if you have a mac, which sucks.) you'll just have to try to look at it cause i ain't reconstructing it now. cause it's gone.

i also told y'all that i auuditioned for 'into the woods' at PACE and got a call back. that was cool, except that call backs are on sunday, when i will be in new york for work, at graham webb academy. this always, always happens to me. i worked really really hard to get my low growly bluesy voice to do all the soprano shit necessary for the part that i want, and this was noticed by the director. problem is, my chances of getting the part are slim to none, just because i can't be at call backs, through absolutely no fault of my own. this always happens to me when i work my ass off for something it alwaqys totally slips through my fingers in a really annoying way. i always miss things because of stupid technicalities. in the immortal words of homer simpson, "there's a lesson here. the lesson is: NEVER try."

meredith and i are going shopping tomorrow, and that should soothe my soul a little bit. i saw a cheesy tshirt that said 'shopping is my therapy' and i really wanted it. i figured it would be funny. but it's not funny unless you know me. otherwise i just look like a twentysomething in a 13-year-old's tshirt. and that's just not pretty.

if i can actually sleep tomorrow night, i likely won't be able to blog til i get back from new york. i will fill my posts with all sorts of boring technical hairdresser language. you'll love it.

sing me a lullabye...
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