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Sunday, August 01, 2004
so... why is it that in every competition these days, there must be a ringer? i, myself, have experienced the phenomenon many times, and i just wintenessed it yet again on friday night.

my hilarious comic genius friend, jennifer myszkowski, was in a local contest for the tv show, 'last comic standing' at six flags in picturesque agawam, massachusetts. yes, i said, local. yet the man who ended up winning was from new york city. hmmm... (ok. bells went off in my head. ringer! i hate that.) he was funny, but jennifer won over the crowd, and made it to the last round with him. unfortunately, another terrible phenomenon existed that knocked her out of the winning spot, in the end.

the final round was not decided by the crowd, but by a panel of "celebrity" judges, which included a woman. this spells death for any woman in any competition: a female judge. why, dear lord, why must we women be taught to compete with each other like this, even when we're not directly threatening each other? the female judge said something to jennifer that was like, "yes, the crowd loved you and you have great stage presence, but if you want to do this for a living, you can't talk about being a woman." what a bitch. i appreciate the hard quality that many women in male-dominated professions have to acquire, but come on... we can't tear each other down like that!

even at the level of something as innocent as an open mic, there's general terrible cattiness (and i HATE that word) between women. i remember trying to make friends with other women at the fire and water open mic when i was terribly friendless a few years ago, and NO one said hardly a word to me. why must that be? i vow to always be fair to the other women (not that too many come to my open mic! it's strangely filled with men...) who come to my open mic. i will welcome each woman with open arms. unless she's prettier than me. then i'll just make fun of her until she gets an eating disorder, just like me.


i know, i'm going to hell..
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