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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
so zack has been submitted, and has interviewed for 'queer eye for the straight guy.' i've been waiting for someone i know to be featured on a reality show!! what a weird world we live in... i'm hoping that kyan and i share the same thoughts regarding his hair, cause i think we're hair twins, kyan and i. it must be weird to have people submit you for a makeover show. read what zack has to say about it here.

so in big hairdressingnews, my boss and i are going to graham webb academy in new york city in september. for those of you who don't run in the hair circles, this is kind of like going to vidal sassoon academy. totally advanced education. this is a big, big deal, cause we were on the waiting list there for a long, long time. and it would have been my stupid fault if we hadn't gotten in at all. our tickets originally expired in april, i believe, and i was the one who caused the cancellation of our planned trip in march. (if you don't remember my whole stem cell transplant thing, yes, that's what i spent my march doing.) so i'm totally glad that my boss waited for me to be well. she could have gone herself or taken another stylist, but she chose to go with me, and that's a big honor. i'm such a kiss-ass. but yes, it is very exciting, and now i have to come up with enough money for an nyc hotel room, bus fare, and spending money. goodbye, recording fund. ah, well...

life is all about choices. graham webb academy is an investment- it will help me to increase my business in hairdressing, therefore increasing my personal spending money, thus enlarging the recording fund. so it's not like i'm _really_ draining the fund, right? hair is my number two passion, after music. i'm super-lucky to have two jobs, both at places that i love. the third job is going to be the tricky one.

my only time that i'd be free to take on a third job would be tuesday... so working about 8 hours somewhere mindless on tuesday would be great. i'm thinking starbucks, target, some corporate place where they could handle such a freaky schedule. i have cut the hair of many current and former starbucks employees, and they seem to think that it is a very good place to work. i was cutting the hair of a girl that works at cvs, and she didn't think much of her workplace. so no cvs for me. it's all about the word of the employees. i think target would be fine. if i survived caldor without killing anyone, certainly target once a week would be a piece of cake.

mmmm.... cake. you know, you'd think working in food service would tame the cravings a bit. not when you have me and gallons of ice cream and many tortilla chips. ah, well.

in music news, the stepkids rehearsed again last night. we kick ass, but i am the virgo of the group, and am trying to organize things in my own head. it's hard for three semi-grownups with multiple jobs to make time just to do fun stuff like play music together. but we got some good stuff accomplished last night- rehearsed, got meredith's starbucks fix, and snuck matt into a bar. we also took fun pictures on the famous noho stoop. who needs fancy photographers when you have a red-headed stepbrother with a digital camera? oh, and if i haven't mentioned it before, COME TO OUR PACE GIG!

i'm just chilling here at PACE, and it's raining buckets, and i'm gathering the will to do dishes. a woman came in and decided not to order anything at all because we had no cheddar cheese that was separate, only part of a pre-mixed thing. people are strange... like the woman who came into tthe salon the other day and asked for three layers in her hair. yes, JUST three.... it's all about customer service. i'm listening to a really loud rap/disco thing on the stereo here by a band called the pimps. it's an interesting thing to listen to in a folk club. i like to mix it up like that.

i'm out of semi-constructive things to say. am i hired yet?

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