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Monday, August 09, 2004
so last week at this time, i was just writing this long and (might i add) very interesting post about life, rock and roll, and short skirts, when *poof* it went up in smoke, somewhere in the dark recesses of the overloaded PACE laptop. so to those of you who complain that the blog is seldom updated (mr. percy, i'm looking in your direction), i say "it was not my fault!" today, thank goodness, josh chose to keep me company at work for a while, and figured out the password/hex thingie attached to the wireless here. so now i am pleased to bring you: what i remember of last week's post, and a few new thoughts. (cause lord knows, i only have a few...)

so the good news is that the Red-Headed Stepkids have their first gig!! we will be co-billing with the 50 Ways at PACE on August 28 at 8 PM! come on down for a great show! if you're not from the area, a SUPERCOOL thing to do would be to catch Nerissa and Katryna Nields' kids' show at PACE at 2 PM, then hang around the Easthampton/Northampton area (shop and such) til it's time for The Stepkids and The 50 Ways! you can make a day out of it, and i swear it will be fun. i'd bet my firstborn on it.

so before i continue on with my thoughts that aren't too important in the grand scheme of things, here are some important links that are onjosh's blog.Here's how to: write to your U.S. representative, contact your Senator, register to VOTE, and e-mail Dubya.

on another political note, John Ashcroft's assistant just sent a letter to PACE on his behalf. you'll have to wait for the new edition on PACE's magazine to read it. i'm such a tease...

on a completely random note, the band and i were sitting downtown last week playing the stoop game (sitting on the steps outside of ben and bill's in downtown noho, checking out chicks and dudes and making smartass comments) and noticing the popularity of those litttle teensy paris-hilton-skirts. you know, the ones with the little ruffles that barely cover anything? in the interest of total honesty with my new bandmates, i had to admit something to them: i OWN one of those skirts. it is short. it is pink. it is ruffly. it barely covers my bum. lord help me if i ever wear it outside of the house. (it still has the tag on it, honest.) but i fear that it is a symptom of a much larger problem: i feel very OLD lately.

in about a month and a half (september 20, if you want to shower me with gifts and candy and sparkly things), i will turn 26. everyone who is older than i am will laugh at me, but i think it's mostly because of all of the crap that i've gone through this year. my body feels old, and my mind missed most of my 20s being sick. so i feel like i'm about 20 or 21, and should be able to wear such a skirt, or flirt with those of the same age. but now i have suddenly turned into mrs. robinson without ever getting to be brenda walsh. (yes, i've beenn watching 90210 reruns lately.) but there's no use complaining about time, i know this, time will pass at its own pace, hardly fast enough at some moments, hardly slow enough at others. sounds kind of like a song.

speaking of songs, i have no idea what songs to play tonight at my open mic (come on out, if you're in the area!), so i guess i'll just wing it, as always. life is like that. just gotta wing it and smile pretty for the audience.

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