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Tuesday, July 06, 2004
so, a few things have happened since i last blogged to you wonderful folk who read all about my strange life. but before i tell you all about them, let me first plug my show at PACE on friday night at 8. it is a tribute show, featuring a 70's disco-funk theme. click here for directions and more info. there are a few new faces, as well as old favorites from the tribute nights of yore. it will be very, very fun, i promise, especially if i learn my song by then. but if i don't, i at least have an outfit picked out. and that, my friends, is the most important thing of all.

so the super big deal thing that happened is that the 100-day mark came and went last friday. my buddy joe and i went to see the hilarious jennifer myszkowski have a great comedy show in brattleboro, vt. on the way, we stopped at the black sheep in amherst and i had my first salad, dear lord, a brilliant, delicious spinach salad with real goat cheese. oh, yeah, baby. i got my salad on, and it had 3 (previously) forbidden things in it- spinach, goat cheese, and almonds. it was the best thing ever.

then, day 101 came. i walked to work, and was sweating profusely under the godawful thing that is my wig, when i remarked to my coworkers about the intense heat and discomfort. they sympathized, and i felt better. business was crawlingly slow that day, as it was july 3, and people were busy traveling or visiting people, or doing whatever it is people do when they aren't in a hair salon. we stylists were bored, and what that usually means is that someone gets their hair done. i called for a conference in the back room, and pulled off my wig. i asked them if i had enough hair to pull off not looking sick. they said, "definitely, let's do it now." so i mixed up some color (a darkish red of my own creation) and my boss applied it, then when it was done, she fixed the cut, just cleaning up my neck to try to make it look intentional. i walked home that day with the sun on my little, freshly-colored baby hairs, and my wig in my graham webb bag.

so i took off my wig, and the world did not end. i was nervous to debut it the next day at david and sonia's fourth of july barbecue, but if anyone thought it was boyish or ugly, they didn't say anything. (not that i would associate with anyone who'd tell a cancer patient that her hair looked like crap growing in...) i asked people that i knew would honestly tell me how it looked, and they all say it looks both good and intentional. so ::phew:: for that. thank god for the weather and good hairstylists and friends, or i'd likely be hiding under that wig forever.

at open mic last night, i bought a button that says, "have you registered to vote yet?" and affixed it firmly to my graham webb bag. i hope that it's a "preaching to the choir" situation in this area, but i figure it's worth the 2 bucks if it reminds just one person to re-register or register for the first time. kerry picked edwards as a running mate, thank goodness. i felt him leaning toward gebhardt, and felt the ship sinking. i think this ticket gives us a better shot of getting the evil clown out of office. (think killer klowns from outer space, but dumber, and you have my picture of our current president.)

i've decided to write songs that appear to be about things they aren't about. this idea came when i decided to write a veiled sappy love song to my hair. i figured i would sing it on american idol or superstar usa and i'd get famous and it would all be because of a song about my hair. nice.

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