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Thursday, June 10, 2004
yeah, so i really do consider myself a good sport. but right now, i'm kinda, well, no- i'm really really disappointed. i didn't get into the showcase at falcon ridge, yet again. now, i admit to sending in some pretty bad stuff in the past, and i'm fully aware of the volume of talent, but goddamnit, i really wanted it this year. i found out from a third party, yet again, that i didn't get in, and that some people that are in the showcase have been in it in previous years. come on, now... all right, i'm through whining. i think it's just that i really need something good to happen to me, and that would have been a nice thing.

i have been exceptionally good on the bone marrow transplant diet lately, not even a tomato slice in at least a week or so. i think my cold may have scared me a little bit. when i think about the fact that i'm not really supposed to be out of the house for about another month, it floors me. relatively, i feel great, almost normal. i'm at about 95%, i think. mostly, it's confidence. i'll be at 100% when i actually have some hair and am able to again live on salad and sushi. if it weren't so expensive (the wig), i'd totally have a wig-burning party. i'm thinking of having a party, actually... maybe the weekend of july 8th- if i have enough hair by then. to celebrate having hair and being alive and stuff.

i'm writing a new song, and i'm concerned about cliches. please e-mail me if you feel strongly that "can't you see me falling? i'm running out of time," is a really bad way to begin a chorus. one of my new songs was very well-received at open mic, so i shall put it up on the website soon, along with the one that wasn't so very well-received. :)

please console me...
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