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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
well, i do believe we have reached day 83... i haven't blogged in a while, i guess. when i've been writing lately, it's been my book. i've gotten some good work done on it, though, so much so that it should only be a few weeks until the first chapter/section is finished. i'm feeling pretty darn good, i'm almost at the end of my 100 days, and i'm back at work and open mic. ah, it's good to be back.

it was so nice outside today in northampton that no one wanted to go inside to get their hair cut. well, two guys did, but those were short and sweet. it was a really slow day, so my co-worker and i got a lot of talking done, and then i read about new hair color techniques while she did her (college) homework. one of the head stylists at farouk had some great advice in one of the articles. he said, "hard work and education are the keys to all things, and you must believe in yourself without fail." good stuff. i wrote that down on a post-it and stuck it on the fridge. what a nerd i am.

i love living here. and i really have never thought of moving anywhere else, besides maybe easthampton or something. until today, that is. i get grand ideas off of little things that people say all of the time. i was talking to the woman from the shop next door, whose hair i've cut before, about working, and how i need more hours at my job but can't get them, etc. and then she said something like, "you should be doing hair in boston or new york." and why not? why is that something that has never, ever occurred to me? probably partly because boston will probably always leave a bad taste in my mouth because of my treatment there. and i have a friend who's having a lot of trouble trying to find a decent job in new york. it's tough. but still i wonder... if i moved, would i do anything but pine for here? i've left before, for college in pennsylvania for a couple of years, and i was miserable. i've never fallen in love with anywhere else. it almost happened in vegas, but that was just the weather and my beautiful niece. i've never really been anywhere else, besides the east coast and vegas. i want to try austin or seattle, but i don't know how i'd do that. i'm a homebody, i guess, and somehow this has become home. i think someday, something will push me out of here. i think i'm destined to leave the valley at some point. i guess not now, though i do feel that i'm in serious need of an adventure.

wanna go skydiving?
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