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Thursday, June 03, 2004
we are eleven minutes into day 72 and i am night-blogging because i can't sleep. i have way too much stress for someone who works so little as i've been working lately. but that's part of the stress... having to get a second job will totally suck, but i know i won't be able to get many more hours from my boss unless someone else quits, and that wouldn't be good either...

so i'm stressed a little about work, and a little about my health, and a little about music stuff, and that adds up to kind of a lot. i thought that i would relieve this tension by trying a yoga class tomorrow morning. but then i started thinking- what will i do about my wig? i can't really wear it, so i'll have to go without. now, my fuzzy head has not yet made a public appearance, and i don't know if i can handle that on top of going to something i know nothing about by myself tomorrow at a place i'm not sure i can find. so that started stressing me out too. yes, i may be the only person you'll ever meet who could stress out about a yoga class she's never even been to.

i think my loved ones are beginning to despise me. it's just a vibe i get. a paranoid, untrue vibe, yet a vibe all the same. more stress... but i have the day off tomorrow, you'd think i could figure things out, somehow. just make up my mind to actually make a plan and shit like that. i know i'll at least go for a walk and buy new guitar strings and see harry potter and go out to dinner. maybe yoga, maybe not.

i officially took time off of work for falcon ridge today. that was definitely a good thing. it's my favorite time of year, the thing i look forward to the most. still no word on the showcase, for those interested. either way, i love falcon ridge. when i'm there, all of my worries just evaporate. all i have to do all day is listen to music and goof around with friends that i only see once a year. one of these years i'll take some sort of exotic vacation in addition, but for now, the thought of falcon ridge is beginning to soothe me.

time to attempt sleep. take this rambly thing (if you've made it through) as a reminder to take a deep breath, don't stress like me, RELAX!
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