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Monday, June 21, 2004
so we're almost at the finish line! 89 days now, next friday i'll be able to have a big freaking salad and then, and then fruit salad, and and popcorn, and sushi!!!!! yes, i am unbelievably thrilled to get back to my dysfunctional salad habit.

so, here's a PSA for the women of the pioneer valley: if you are not a very small person, DO NOT attend the june dress sale at Faces! your self-esteem will only plummet. it appears as though they have a few large-er sizes, but you must remember that these are juniors sizes, so they are 2-4 sizes smaller than normal. so i shouldn't feel so bad about the size 11 not fitting, but still, what the hell... what is up with women's sizes anyways? men's clothing is all done in inches. this makes sense. why am i a size 10 at Old Navy, but an XL in their shirts? in juniors sizes, i'm easily a 14. but a size 14 underwear i can wrap myself twice in. it's all very traumatic. i don't remember the plus size clothing being quite so confusing, when i was a plus size. maybe this is why i'm just now learning the rules.

speaking of trying on clothing, i bought seven items for seven bucks at second chance on union street in easthampton today. yes, it's used clothing, but man, i made a killing. the kind of shopping experience one can be proud of. it's sad that she's going out of business and all, but go out and support the owner. everything in the store, including jackets and shoes, is one dollar. i got a vintage raincoat, a turquoise jean jacket, an unused purse, an antique pink business jacket, and two grunge-era plaid shirts. ah, bargain-hunting. it soothes my soul.

so i'm glad that i have the day off, and i'm here at pace, doing my part watching the place for the day, but it is soooooo gorgeous outside... it would be an excellent day to be working on my book in the park. but i got work done yesterday, and plenty more hours here until someone else gets here. so now i'm avoiding the mess in the sink, and avoiding practicing my guitar, cause i'm just a loser like that.

i am now officially over my bitterness at not being selected for the falcon ridge showcase, so i now am just looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful friends that i only get to see once a year, and having a great, great, great, great time.

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