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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
so it's day 69 (snickers from the back of the class), and things are going well. i went in for my cat scan and some bloodwork today, and i actually learned something at the hospital. Well, not from any person there, but from a procrit ad in 'woman's day' while i was waiting. all of my symptoms that were making me so tired and miserable a few weeks ago were because of my anemia, and after i got my levels all right, it got fixed. or at least that's what i surmised. hooray for that.

so if you've never had the pleasure, a cat scan involves several things. For three hours before the scan, you can't eat, or drink anything that isn't clear. and then when you arrive, you get to drink a barium solution that is thick and milky and now comes in flavors. (they announced this to me today- i tried the berry flavor, and don't recommend it.) the procedure is eight ounces every fifteen minutes, and you usually end up drinking 3-5 glasses full of it. and then you wait a while, and are called into the cat scan room. you then get an intravenous injection of contrast, which is like a dye that helps them see your insides. then you get up on the little platform and lie down, and they pass you through what looks like a big doughnut a couple of times. a computer voice says, "breathe in. hold your breath.... breathe." and after a couple times through, they take you out, unhook you, and you're allowed to leave. sounds like a blast, huh?

today, the routine was broken up when after the first round of "breathe in. hold your breath.... breathe," they pulled me out of the machine and the radiologist said, "sorry about this, but i forgot to ask you to take off your bra." i had forgotten, too, that metal messes up the scan, and i had an underwire bra on. (which is why i had to take down my pants too... not humiliating at all.) so i moved to take it off, but she didn't want me to have to move too much, my i.v. being in the left side of my chest. "hook in the back?" she asked, and i said, "yeah," so i sat up a little and she got it unhooked after a little bit and i said, "this is like a bad date or something." she and the nurse managed to get it off without disturbing the iv and the scan continued as usual. i have no idea why i'm telling this story, except that i thought it was damn funny, and still do. yes, it took three of us to get my bra off.

yes, this is my weird-ass yet hilarious life. i'm sooo looking forward to going to see harry potter on friday night, and i hear tell that we'll go to chili's beforehand. this is all in celebration of someone else's birthday, but happy birthday to me too, for getting to go out to the movies and dinner. it will be a celebration for everyone.... it's incredibly cold and overcast today here in western mass. still, i got a frosty at wendy's today, and am a genius for doing so. it was just that good.

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