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Tuesday, June 08, 2004
day 76 was garbage. i know there's still about 4 and a half hours left in it, but i'm all kinds of ready to wipe the slate clean and start fresh tomorrow. and above all, i have a cold. (thanks, josh, for transporting those germs to me all the way from syracuse, new york!) this word, "cold," strikes fear into the hearts of every loved one of a cancer patient, but, trust me, it's all right. i plan on finally getting some sleep and taking vitamin c, and it will all go away. my white count is fine, the immune system will work on it. everything's fine on that end .

but, yes, today was garbage. the heat beneath my wig makes me very, very cranky, for one. it probably reached the low 90s in temperature today. and as i described to a co-worker, wearing a wig is kind of like wearing a wool hat. ALL THE TIME. so that made me cranky, and i just couldn't concentrate. i stayed at work late to do my boss's hair (corrective color), and that was just stressful. she is a great boss, but bleaching a dark red out and putting in a cool blond is not an easy task- ask any hairdresser. but i did it fairly well, and learned a lot. so it's good, i guess.

well, enough whining. i went back to my open mic last night, at pace, and i hosted and did two new songs! after a 2-3 month absence, i returned, nervous, but i was back to singing and making my bad jokes in no time. (i even may have a series of "you might be a musician" jokes, if i can figure more out than just "if you've ever taken the battery out of your smoke detector to use in your guitar, you might be a musician.") it was well-attended and well-received, and that's all i can ask.

it's funny, i've been in a funk today, and was kind of brought out of it by one of the characters in my book. she just wouldn't shut up, and i had to do all sorts of research about italian folktales and i even had to research how to say, "don't eat me!" in italian. so by the time i was done with that, i was feeling better, and more resolved to pull myself out of the bad mood i've been in.

i think there's something up with the moon that's causing the moodiness- i know there was something funky goingg on the other day with venus's alignment with the sun. that must be it, not that i'm a headcase.

tonight, bravo unveils its new reality show about a hair salon, called "blow out." i will most definitely be watching. (i said long ago that the most entertaining reality show would be to follow a bunch of students through hairdressing school.) the problem is, it's a 200-dollar a cut salon, nothing i can really relate to, so we'll see if it's still entertaining. i want to compare a slice of life there to the real thing. perhaps after seeing it i will blog about it tomorrow.

speaking of tomorrow, i wish it were here right now. or maybe i wish it was thursday, when the awful heat is supposed to let up. but what i wish the most for is for right now to be all right. a fan and a glass of pink lemonade and a red sox game will have to be enough.

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