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Thursday, May 27, 2004
so i think i've made it 64 days now, with only the minor cheating incident here and there. it will be july before i know it, i'll have hair and be able to eat salads and lick doorknobs and all sorts of things that are bad for the immune system. 'twill be an interesting falcon ridge indeed ( with andrea having been recently let out of her cage to play... good stuff.

so i went to my job that pays me this morning (hairdresser), and then went to my job that does not pay me (volunteering at p.a.c.e.), which is where i am now. so far today i have colored two people's hair, washed a bunch of dishes, and served two people coffee and wine. diverse, no? i like to mix things up. although i hadn't counted on doing dishes. this is the most loathsome of tasks to me. my own dishes pile up to enormous heights before they get washed, and it's usually not by me. so it didn't even occur to me that anything of the sort needed to be done here at p.a.c.e., until i was borderline yelled-at for not doing them and sitting on my bum. being borderline yelled-at (i'm sensitive, so it probably wasn't close to yelling) at a job that doesn't pay you is not gratifying at all. i must really love these crazy kids here.

back to television, america voted the right way, and fantasia is the american idol. in book-related news, i can't possibly see how 'girl with a pearl earring' could make any kind of decent movie. in movie news, i want to go!!! til the 100 days are up, however, i could maybe go in the middle of the day when no one else is there. but if i went, i couldn't eat popcorn til the 100 days are up. what's the fun in that?

time to take care of my dishpan hands. peace out.
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