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Friday, May 21, 2004
it's day 59, and there are lyrics to 5 new songs at yesterday, i rewrote 'another light' again, and this is the final version. it feels right. and it's the first new thing that i've not forced out, kicking and screaming, in weeks. 'one more for the king' is a song based on a sad little poem that elvis wrote in his later years, all alone in a hotel room in vegas. 'think' is a warning for judgmental people. 'goodnight' is a dusted-off old love song. '16' is whatever you make of it. hope you enjoy them.

so i cheated on my special little diet again. it feels weird calling it a diet, because i've now made up my mind never to diet again. it's simply not worth it. there's no reason for me to ever deprive myself of anything for a stupid reason, after all that i've gone through. anyways, i had a slice of fresh tomato, and it was beyond worth it. the things that are out-of-bounds are all healthy things, so it's like a backwards diet. no fresh fruit or vegetables, sushi, salad bar, popcorn, nuts... for someone who used to live on salad, it's very weird. but oh, well, i didn't cheat yesterday.

we had a wedding party in the salon today, and they were drinking mimosas. i was so jealous. not that i'm a big drinker, but a girlie drink in the middle of the day is just good for the soul now and then. but alcohol is also forbidden, plus i was on the job, so i just drank my lame little water.

so anyways, let me know how you like the new songs and all.e-mail me
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