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Tuesday, May 25, 2004
i say a lot that i get dumber and dumber every day. in college, i knew about things like renaissance tragedy and faulkner and philosophy of language. now, i still read books and write, but i start to get a headache if things are too challenging, and i put them away. i haven't written any of my book in weeks, and the other day i tried to pick up faulkner's 'light in august,' and it just didn't work. maybe my brain wants a vacation after five years of college and nine months of cosmetology school (YES, there is thinking involved in hairdressing). so i guess it's not so bad that a quiet evening at home usually involves a historical fiction and some crappy tv. perhaps i've earned that right.

speaking of crappy tv, i can't believe it, but last night i had to flip away from 'family plots' (which is actually really good, on a&e) to 'the swan' season finale for a minute just to see who won the pageant. i don't know how the judges decided the winner- their faces all look like my barbie dolls' heads after my brother microwaved them. (never actually happened, but you get the idea.) i think all most of those women needed were divorces and some mascara, but why not put them through all sorts of painful surgeries to make them look like strippers with bad nose jobs? just adorable...

and more crappy tv, i am likely to watch the finale of american idol tonight. my hands-down favorite, super-talented latoya, was thrown off two weeks ago, so i'm not that interested. i am more interested in the outcome-- remaining in the competition are a truly talented grown woman, and a sixteen-year-old blond with a mediocre voice. i wonder who will win? i have a sinking feeling that america, obsessed with youth (and cookie-cutter beauty) as it is, will choose the sparkly young thing over the great talent. prove me wrong, america!

perhaps i will gain a few brain cells by reading (i just started 'the girl with the pearl earring') before they all get sucked through the tv tonight. excellent.

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