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Friday, May 28, 2004
i am the world's most excellent shopper. i have instincts about these things. (yet somehow, i own nothing good. hm...) but that's beside the point. i am an excellent shopper. i spent about 75 bucks and came away with a shirt, a pair of capris, a handbag, two pairs of flip flops, and a pair of sandals. ah, the rush of shopping. it's better than sex. well, no it's not, it's less messy but still really fun.

for all who are interested in the status of the falcon ridge showcase, i found out that the judges aren't done listening to the submissions yet, so it will be a while. or maybe not, if they're quick about it. they say they'll let you know by june 1st. who knows? reports are that they get hundreds and hundreds of cds to listen to- it must be rough. it's also rough on the artists, all the waiting and such. i always wait for the rejection to buy a ticket, as getting into the showcase gets you free admission, but then i miss earlybird prices. it's a bummer. but falcon ridge is my favorite time of year anyways, so with or without the showcase, it will be the time of my life.

so i've made it 65 days now, almost two thirds of the way through this crazy thing. i think next weekend i will be going to the movies for the first time in forever. movies are also one of the big no-nos, but my white count's normal, meaning my immune system is back, meaning fuck the stupid doctors and all of their stupid rules. dumb doctors, trying to save lives and all... but i think it would make me much healthier to be able to see the new harry potter movie.

i'm off to bask in the glow of my new purchases. e-mail me
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