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Monday, May 17, 2004
day 55, and it's a gorgeous day here in western mass. not too hot or humid, just sunny and pleasant. i'm here listening to the choir of birdies chirping at twilight mixed with the people yelling at each other on judge joe brown. living alone, i feel that i need to hear human voices, so i leave the tv on a lot. it's a sickness, i know it.

so i got two (count 'em), two letters today from john kerry. i feel so loved and popular. that he felt comfortable enough to ask me for money, twice in the same day, says something about our relationship. i was planning on eating and filling my prescriptions this week, but you know, john kerry needs the money more than i need my silly food and drugs. i actually think the reason that i got two is that i'm somehow on both the 'young people' and 'old people' list at camp kerry. one of the letters talked about taking george bush down, and had "let's go for it!" written all over the letter. the other was very formal and old-people-y. i know for a fact that i'll vote for john kerry, but what the hell makes the democratic party think that i have money to spare? i know, all of my past lavish contributions, and the reports of my fabulous country club soirees have gotten around, but right now i need to concentrate on rebuilding my wardrobe. that, and not starving or succumbing to infection.

anyways, for all interested, the doctor's visit went well today. he and everyone else continues to remind me not to 'push myself,' whatever that really means. and i got to get a procrit shot, just like the old crossing guard on the tv commercial. aww....

i went to wendy's today and didn't get a frosty.what the hell is wrong with me?
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