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Sunday, May 23, 2004
61 days, 61 percent done with my stupid diet and restrictions. i hope that, on the first of july, i can fit in all the things i'm restricted from. i'm going to a salad bar and a movie, or somewhere crowded. then i am going out for a drink (or 5 or 6), and hopefully whipping off the wig and leaving all of the stupid stuff behind me.

so it's a lazy sunday here in my house, i just ventured out to pick up a few groceries. i had one of those moments in the store, where they didn't have what i wanted- there were tofu pups, but no smart dogs, so i walked around the store confused for a few minutes, like a dog that's had its food dish moved. it's sunday, my brain can't be expected to work. so i returned home, sans veggie dogs, and am currently flipping channels, between 'sixteen candles' and the wb's 'superstar usa.' two guilty pleasures.

if you haven't seen 'superstar usa' yet, it's pretty darn funny and disturbing. it's something of a parody of 'american idol,' where it's all a setup to bring the worst singers into competition. there are three judges- pop star vitamin c, rapper tone loc, and 'producer' briggs. when someone is good, they look bored and say they stink, or sometimes just walk out of the room. the funniest part, though, is the creative ways they find to delude the crappy singers. one of my favorite moments was when a young blonde in a tight shirt read the words to 'like a virgin' off her hand and danced like a stripper, and vitamin c said, 'i would encourage you to be even sexier, cause sex sells.' and when a michael jackson impersonator walks in, she says, 'you remind me of someone, and i can't put my finger on it..' i don't know if it's improv, or if the material is written for her, but either way it's encouraging to see a woman getting to actually say some funny lines. on the other hand, i don't think i'll be able to watch after they've tricked all the contestants into thinking that they're good singers, and then reveal to them that they suck. that's just cruel.

when i start ranting about tv, i know two things- that i need to get out more, and that i need to stop blogging.
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